“Mass programming of high-density flash in electronics manufacturing has always been a challenge...”
~ William White, President and CEO

Dramatically Reduce the Cost Per Device with the Flashstream 2800F-MK2 Programmer

Device Programmer
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Flashstream 2800F-MK2 - Using Breakthrough Flash Device Programming Technology

The Flashstream 2800F-MK2 is a revolutionary production device programmer that's designed specifically to program NAND, NOR, and Serial flash devices.

Programmer Features

  • Multi-site Concurrent Programmer
  • Serialization support on all sockets
  • 20ns verify with Vector Engine
  • Vector Engine Co-Processor® Technology
  • 16GBytes of onboard memory module included. Expandable for future needs.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 communication to PC host
  • NAND Bad-Block handling

Breakthrough Speed that Dramatically Reduces the Cost Per Device

We tested the Samsung 512Mb OneNAND KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 device. It programs 12 times faster than current flash programmer technology. The NAND device was cycled through functions of erase, program and verify of a random full data pattern in an amazing 15.4 seconds while staying within manufacturer-specified programming requirements.

If you could program flash memory devices with the lowest programming overhead on the planet, how much higher would your profits be?
Flashstream speed graph

* Times are for quantity 4 of 512 Mb Samsung OneNAND™ KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 with functions of Erase, Program, and Verify. Erase function is inside the programming time listed. Full address range of device programmed with random pattern. ** Times will vary based on device characteristics.

Look at Programming Times for Select Devices Using the Flashstream 2800F-MK2

The Secret

Developed by our elite team of engineers, the secret is in our proprietary Vector Engine Co-Processor®, which gives the Flashstream the programming industry's lowest programming overhead, while maintaining the highest production quality programming signal; an industry first for device programming.

Takes One Second to get Breakthrough Technology in Your Hands

Flashstream Features

Top 3 Flashstream 2800F-MK2 FAQ - Answered

Q: How soon can I get my device supported?

A: Typically, 2-3 wks for algorithm development, depending on socket and device availability. We now have an option for expedited support in 2-5 business days. However, we currently support thousands of devices and are increasing our support daily. The best way is to fill out the form and contact us about your device.

Q: How is your programmer faster, if your competitor states that they are also at the theoretical minimum of devices?

A: It's true that our competitors have responded to our innovation. However, the main thing to look at is how long it takes for them to verify the information that was transfered to the device correctly.
The Flashstream is as much as 60 times faster at verification than anyone in the market on certain devices. This is the information not being provided by our competitors. We pride ourselves in being up-front with you from the start.

Q: How do I connect the usb ports if I'm using 3 manual Flashstreams? Can they be daisy-chained?

A: You simply need to connect both via USB ports on your PC. Once you power on one unit, the hardware wizard should ask if you want to install the driver (if it has not already been done). Once the driver is installed, then power on the second programmer. The hardware wizard should find the site again, and you should allow for the driver to be installed (if no driver has been previously installed).

About BPM Microsystems

BPM Microsystems' mission is to make it easy for our customers to program semiconductors with the highest quality at a competitive cost per device. Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications. The company offers a wide variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems® and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems.

2011's Device Programming Industry Award Winner

Circuits Assembly awarded BPM Microsystems with the coveted Service Excellence Award. Businesses continue to trust us to meet their programming needs.

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