“Mass programming of high-density flash in electronics manufacturing has always been a challenge...”
~ William White, President and CEO

The Flashstream 3000FS-MK2 - the Fastest Automated Flash Memory Programmer on the Planet

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The 3000FS-MK2 Uses Flashstream Programming Technology

The Flashstream 3000FS-MK2 is a fine-pitch automated device programmer designed specifically to meet your flash programming needs. The newest generation automated flash memory programming system offers a technological enhancement over the previous model with the ability to support the latest managed NAND devices.

Breakthrough Speed ... Reducing Cost Per Device

The 3000FS-MK2 offers flexible options for input and output media with choices of tube, tray or tape. As an example, the 3000FS-MK2 can produce a fully programmed 512Mb NAND flash every 3.4 seconds. If you could program flash memory devices with the lowest programming overhead on the planet, how much higher would your profits be?

* Times are for quantity 4 of 512 Mb Samsung OneNAND™ KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 with functions of Erase, Program, and Verify. Erase function is inside the programming time listed. Full address range of device programmed with random pattern. ** Times will vary based on device characteristics.

Programming Times for Select Devices Using the Flashstream

The Secret

Developed by our elite team of engineers, the secret is in our proprietary Vector Engine Co-Processor ® , which gives the Flashstream the programming industry's lowest programming overhead, while maintaining the highest production quality programming signal; an industry first for production programming.

Takes One Second to get Breakthrough Technology in Your Hands

Fig. 1: The 3000FS comes with Flashstream programming site technology to deliver the fastest DPH for flash devices.

Top 3 Flashstream FAQ - Answered

Q: How soon can I get my device supported?

A: Typically 2-3 weeks depending on socket and device availability. We now have an option for expedited support in 2-5 business days. However, we currently support thousands of devices and are increasing our support daily. Find out about your device.

Q: How is your programmer faster, if your competitor states that they are also at theoretical minimum of devices?

A: It's true that our competitors have responded to our innovation. However, the main thing to look at is how long it takes for them to verify the information that was transfered to the device correctly.
The Flashstream is as much as 60 times faster at verification than anyone in the market on certain devices. This is the information not being provided by our competitors. We pride ourselves in being up-front with you from the start.

Q: How much production throughput can I really expect to achieve with my 3000FS-MK2?

A: The 3000FS-MK2 combines the fastest Flash memory programming technology with a robust, fine-pitch pick and place machine. Unlike competitive products, our stated machine throughput of 1100 DPH includes more than just theoretical handling time. This is possible because our system has a full-time laser alignment camera that aligns fine-pitch devices on-the-fly with no negative throughput impact.

Of course, all automated programmers can only go as fast as the programming technology allows. Combining our proven device handler technology with our new Flashstream technology gives the 3000FS-MK2 automated flash programmer the ability to produce a fully programmed 512Mb NAND Flash memory device every 3.4 seconds or 1100 devices in an hour.

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