Programming Times for Select Devices Using the Flashstream

512 Mb NAND Flash

Samsung KFG1216U2A-DEB5
Model Verify Replay E/P/V Replay
BPM 2710 92.8 sec 194.0 sec
Flashstream 2.8 sec 15.4 sec
Improvement 33.1x 12.6x

256 Mb NOR Flash

ST Micro M36L0R8060B0ZAQ
Model Verify Replay P/V Replay
BPM 2710 44.9 sec 198.8 sec
Flashstream 0.85 sec 54.1 sec
Improvement 52.8x 3.7x

64 Mb Serial Flash

Intel QB25F640S33B
Model Verify Replay P/V Replay
BPM 2710 71.4 sec 144.2 sec
Flashstream 1.7 sec 19.0 sec
Improvement 42.7x 7.6x

Note: Times listed are for quantity 4 devices with functions of Erase, Program and Verify. Full address range of device programmed with random pattern. Programming times of Flashstream product will vary based on device characteristics. E/P/V = Erase, Program, Verify. Replay = all devices programmed after initial device.